Brenda Backus

Director | Healer


Brenda is a Life Coach who specializes in helping others overcome life obstacles and bring purpose back to their lives.  With compassion, empathy, care and non-judgement, Brenda creates an open and safe space for her clients to clear past struggles and begin a path to healing.

Having faced difficult challenges, life-altering health struggles and losses, Brenda has gained valuable insight into self-care and healing.  Her own turning point came when she received her first alternative healing treatment, which began her journey to life balance. 
Brenda’s experiences in Growth and Development training, Ministerial courses, Life Coaching and Counselling, Therapeutic Touch and Reiki certification, have given her the tools needed to help others deal with physical, emotional and spiritual challenges. 

Brenda has a strong connection to nature, and in particular it’s animals.  She’s an environmental, animal and human rights advocate. 

Currently, Brenda is a Director and Board Member, and she provides support and expertise for the evolution of EHE Holistic Centre.