KW Health & Wellness Expo October 27th, 2018

KW Health & Wellness Expo October 27th, 2018

Entrance is FREE or by your choice of a donation to our fundraising cause 🙂

Anyone related to the field of holistic healing or alternative and complementary medicine can be found at our Expo.

If you have had a debilitating illness, live with a chronic condition, are healing from any of the various forms of cancer and its traditional treatments, or know of anyone who is, this EXPO is for you. Come and get some new information and make meaningful and helpful connections with these experts and specialists right in our beloved, KW community! 🙂

Our mission: 
Part One – to create a fund to subsidize alternative, complementary and energy therapies for people in the community who cannot access these modalities due to limited income.

Part Two – to support local healers, practitioners and body workers with sharing their gifts of healing while also creating a sustainable and sacred livelihood for themselves.

Part Three – to connect like-hearted and holism-focused humans in our community and maintain a strong and supportive environment for emotional, spiritual and economic growth.

We are gathering the brightest lights in the KW area – healers, therapists, intuitives, coaches, energy workers (reiki, cranial sacral, body talk, chakra balancing, therapeutic touch, emotional freedom technique, shamanism…), body workers (massage therapists, reflexologists, aromatherapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, kinesiologists…), vibrational healers (sound healers, Tibetan/Crystal singing bowl facilitators, music therapists, tuning fork practitioners…) natural potion & elixir creators, aromatherapists, artists, movers, shakers, educators, authors, speakers…

Lecture Schedule for KW Health and Wellness Expo
October 27, 2018

10:30 am Steph Van De Ven from The Mindful Mama presents:
“Reduce Stress with Mindful Breathing & Awareness”
Learn how to use mindful breathing and mindful awareness techniques to reduce stress in your life.

11:00 am Chantale Michaud from presents
“How to Manage Autoimmune Conditions”
Registered Holistic Nutritionist Chantale discusses her journey with Multiple Sclerosis & shares her ABC approach to managing autoimmune conditions.

11:30 am Kristen Sachs from BioSinc presents
“Find the Hidden Cause of Food Allergies & Sensitivities”
Gain insight about the hidden causes of common food allergies and how you can get your health and diet back on track.

12:00 pm EHE Holistic Centre presents
“The Origins of Esperanza Hope Espoir Holistic Centre”
Join us as we discuss our vision for EHE, subsidized healing and vibrant health for KW Region.

12:30 pm Juliana Leamen (BSc, MSc, CHN) from Naturally Joyous presents
“Bach Flower Essences for the Management of Stress & Anxiety”
Discover how flower essences can be used as a reliable tool for natural management of stress and anxiety. 

1:00 pm Irina Benedict from Entrepreneur Enlightenment Academy presents
“Can a Spiritual Person be Financially Successful?”

1:30 pm Jennie Paquette from Just Breathe presents 
“Music Therapy for Maternal Wellness”
Learn more about postpartum music therapy and maternal wellness with Jennie and Mindfulness Mommy Support Group. 

2:00 pm Brenda Backus from EHE Holistic Centre presents
“Bringing Awareness to Lyme Disease & Tick Bites”
Brenda will share her experience and knowledge gained about Lyme Disease, tick bites, misdiagnosis and improper testing techniques. 

2:30 pm Jessica Rosa-Vecchiarelli from CORE UofW presents
“Nearsightedness is Increasing Around the World”
Children are needing glasses at younger ages and higher prescription levels are associated with many sight threatening eye conditions. 

3:00 pm Memtaaz Lee presents “How Can Ketones and Ketosis Benefit You?”
What are ketones and ketosis, and how can it benefit your health?

3:30 pm Corazones Del Amor presents “Sound Healing Meditation From Mexico” 
Join us and experience an amazing sound and healing meditation session, with special musical guest “Corazones Del Amor” from Mexico.

We look forward to welcoming you!